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Connecting Minds, Changing Lives

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Connecting Minds, Changing Lives

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Connecting Minds, Changing Lives

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Connecting Minds, Changing Lives

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Philosophy Of Mira

Emotional well being is essential to the overall development of one’s personality, achievements and contentment in life. An awareness of how our mental parameters work, enhances self-development.

Mira’s holistic approach combines psychoanalytic principles in the development of the child and the self, its application in education, the arts, and society at large. It inculcates their co-existence in life practices. It prompts an integrated perspective that connects the left and the right hemispheres of our brain to complement developmental apparatus combining the cognitive with the effective. Mental well being is –

  • Generating happiness within the self and others
  • Developing a capacity to manage everyday conflicts
  • Overcoming life’s disappointments and frustrations
  • Elucidating creativity and delight in work
  • Inducing human compassion and generosity

What We Offer

The philosophy followed at Mira encompasses the qualities of empathy, gratitude and compassion. It nurtures a comprehensive environment of humanness. Some of Mira’s engagements comprise –

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    Clinical therapy
    (Psychoanalytically oriented)

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    In the areas of social sciences, political science, cultural studies, gender studies

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    In the areas of performing arts, fine arts, installation arts, music, dance, theatre

Our Endeavour

Create Awareness

An insightful analysis into our emotional quotient helps us to manage our own affective dispositions. Developing our ego-strength assists in –

  • Dealing with change, both internal psychic transformations and negotiating with external circumstances
  • Coping with daily-life and work stress
  • Building generative relationships with others around the self, including enriching the self
  • Increasing productivity at work
  • Developing resilience, especially in challenging circumstances (like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Fostering love and happiness for the self and the other

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    Mira organises workshops, seminars, webinars, interviews and training programmes to raise awareness and encourage practice.

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