Mira Center For Innovation

Mira Center for Innovation (MCI), registered under the Mira Trust, was founded on 21st October 2020. MCI seeks to work diligently towards making a palpable and constructive difference in the field of Mental Health, Arts and Education. We are committed to initiating the much-needed process of building a more inclusive, accepting and compassionate world for us and our future generations.

Mira Centre for Innovation has been named after Mira Brahmachari (Basak), a dancer-artist, who performed on many international platforms between 1950 and 1970. She inspired her daughter Jhuma Basak (founder of MCI) and many more common souls to pursue their passion for the arts against all odds of life and society.

MCI pledges to contribute positivity and creativity to make a healthy all-embracing society. MCI remains grounded to the cultivation of a refined mind and humanness in society by:

  • Improving awareness and ensuring accessibility to quality mental health services
  • Working towards the empowerment of progressively marginalised sections of the population including women, children, individuals with psychosocial and economic challenges
  • Advocating for a holistic development of society for a unified sense of belonging
  • Using the educational mechanism to weave in the practice of creative arts, along with deeper psychological dimensions, in order to evolve human awareness about the self

We strive to generate community bonding and support within our team members, advisors, as well as with external collaborating bodies and members of the society at large.

  • Vision

    • Build on the foundations of equality and social justice by working towards empowerment of marginalised sections of society
    • Cultivate the applicative potential of mental health awareness along with creative arts in fostering the feeling of inclusiveness in society


    • Create mental awareness among common people and disseminate knowledge of how to inculcate healthy mindsets towards the self and the other
    • Organise seminars / conferences / workshops which would help to create a safe space for people to strike a dialogue around mental health
    • Nurture young minds to engage in critical thinking and encouraging them to question existing theoretical constructs
    • Initiate collaborations with other organisations and members of the LGBTQ community to join forces on varied discourses on gender and sexuality
  • Goals

    MCI aims to:

    • Destigmatise prejudice and discrimination in family and society
    • Nurture mental health and wellness among children, adolescents, adults across all sections of society and community
    • Align education with arts practice inspired by the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore, thereby broadening mental capacities, imaginations and critical perspectives
    • Aid in the overall growth of the mind, body and spirit